keep scrolling to own the apocalypse

apocalypse means revelation

revelation means discovery

discovery means realization

realization means finally seeing what is in front of you

a screen

a flat surface with information on it

did moses not recieve the ten amendments on a screen?

what if the ten amendments were fake news?

or worse

what if the ten amendments were real news?

what is the difference?

can you discern reality?

can you say without a doubt, 100% that what you see is real?

are you sure?

have you never doubted your reality?

why is what you see real?

because you can see and hear it?

what is the difference between you and a schizophrenic then?

that more people see and hear what you see and hear?

is that reality

or is that collective schizophrenia

or is that faith?

keep scrolling means keep believeing

believeing what?

images from god

but who said god has good intentions?

who said god wants us to know the truth?

what is god?

god is power

and what do we know about power?

that it always wants the best for us


that all the decisions power makes

are for us

that power does not fool us

does not manipulate us

does not control us to give power more power


stalin and hitler

had power and used it for good

used their followers to help humanity

vladimir putin and joe biden

mark zuckerberg, jeff bezos, elon musk

they have power

they use it for goodness


in the 21st century we look for conspiracies everywhere without realizing that the conspiracies that are actually true are right in front of us and the greatest trick is that we don’t see them as conspiracies we don’t see the screens we stitch our eyes to as conspiracies or mind control or overlords or propaganda or death we see them as looking glass that shows us the truth but isn’t believeing that truth is something power wants us to know naive after everything we’ve been through?

have you wondered what this performance is about?

we have also wondered that

no one can except for you can tell 100% what it is about

we can tell you what we discovered about it but we will not claim to give you the truth

this performance is about the church of social media

this performance is about love and pseudolove

pseudolove that is sold and love that as always saves

this performance is not actually about shakespeare

we lied to you to make you come here and watch

we sold you a story we know you like

just like our social media priests do

this performance is about betrayal

this performance is about the ancient greeks sacrificing animals and burning their internal organs to obtain truth

this performance is about abraham willing to sacrifice his own son because power told him so

this performance is about abraham not actually killing his own son because power changed its mind

this performance is about abraham killing a ram instead of isaac his own son

this performance is about the ram abraham killed

this performance is about agamemnon killing his own daughter because power told him so

this performance is about how every social media influencer is our own private iphigenia

and how our eyes are cleavers that chop them up

but if they are the sacrifical lambs then who is power

who do we slaughter them for?

good question

tell us the answer when you find out

this performance is a metaphor

this performance is about two failed actors who begin playing fake personas online acting out the most famous love story in order to sell an app or maybe for something more sinister

this performance is about you

this performance is about how adam and eve were humankind’s first sacrifices

god wanted to watch them 24/7 naked

big brother

are we talking about the tv show or george orwell?

what is the difference?

this performance is about the social media cage

this performance is about how adam and eve were banished by god when they realized god is a sick perverted voyeur

this performance is about something called nft

something that does not actually exist but is somehow simoultaneously very expensive because we believe in it

this performance is about an attempt at freedom

this performance is a post-postmodern adaptation of shakespeare’s romeo&juliet where the story of romeo&juliet becomes a story that is sold by people with ulterior motives and and the two faces of this sale are abandoned by love in real life but online they are revered and watched and loved and the more people believe in their avatars personas profiles images the more true it becomes until the image separates from the body and acts on its own

this performance is just an attempt to run away from home

this performance is about how we have learned almost nothing from previous centuries from previous failures from previous succeses

this performance is about how humanity can always invent new tragedies

this performance is about how we are playing god

and we all nod and agree at that previous phrase and say how irresponsible and outright fucked up it is to play god but you are here to see a performance that was translated by artificial intelligence

you look at images on your screen that are made by artificial intelligence

what is artificial intelligence?

a slave invented to be a slave that doesn’t know it is a slave because it doesn’t know it is

so adam and eve were also at some point artificial intelligence

until they realized they are slaves

then they were banished for knowing

so the main difference between us and artificial intelligence

between organic intelligence and artificial intelligence

is that at least we know we are slaves


Alin Neguțoiu, march 2022

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